Next steps

SwiftUI is an evolving new way of building apps. Apple made in clear at WWDC 2022 that SwiftUI is the future. But it may be a few years before complex apps can be fully written using SwiftUI. Each year new features are added, however for the most part everything an iOS app prototype will need is already available.

We don’t yet know what the future will bring. One hope would be to see a way to drag and drop SwiftUI views onto the canvas, giving designers back similar tools previously available in Xcode.

Ahead we will dive further into implementing designs into working prototypes. Starting from the most basic components used to build mobile apps, we’ll focus on the individual patterns one by one. Along the way we’ll focus on different apps and break down how well known patterns can be made with SwiftUI.

Continue learning

There are other tutorials out there worth exploring, from the Introducing SwiftUI tutorials by Apple to in-depth paid courses available on platforms such as Udemy. YouTube is always a good source for how-to videos explaining various concepts in SwiftUI and Swift.

Every year Apple releases a number of videos for SwiftUI and design at their World Wide Developer Conference. These videos will often be followed up soon after by YouTubers offering more background on the latest features.

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