Collection of MacOS screens showing a design from Figma to Xcode to the iPhone simulator

Build working app
prototypes in SwiftUI

Turn static designs into real working prototypes and
conduct usability tests on nearly any Apple device

Learn how to turn your designs into code

SwiftUI is the perfect tool for building real working app prototypes that you can install directly on your iPhone. Simple apps are now surprisingly easy to build, and with enough practise, full apps are a few hours away.

Overcome the limitations of prototype workflows with platform specific interactions

Demo your interactions on real devices to find pain points before expensive development

Conduct usability tests on device and validate your design & interactions without compromises.


The following course roadmap is based on iOS13 using Xcode 11 with an update to follow with the public release of iOS14 and Xcode 14.

Introduction to SwiftUI

SwiftUI is a game-changer for both developers and designers. Swift had already made iOS development far easier, and SwiftUI makes laying out an app so much easier. Get started with this SwiftUI introduction written by a designer for fellow designers.

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Prototyping basics

There are many good reasons to create a prototype in your design process—for demoing, usability testing and just being able to interact with your design on a real device.

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A single-view app

Turn a simple app design into a working prototype. Explore SwiftUI’s building blocks as we layout multiple screens from a pre-made design.

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A tabbed app

Extending on the learnings from the single-view app, we will now layout a typical ecommerce app with tabbed views. Starting with basic functionality, the prototype will be extended with a cart that behaves like the real thing.

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